Spring 2018 PBIS Coaches Training Materials

Fall 2017 PBIS Coaches Training Materials

Positive School Climate Video (very motivational)(Very motivational video)

(Watertown IMS example)

(Active Participation strategies)

(16 Critical Elements)

(For small group of students)

(Very thorough)

(Excel Sheet)

(SEL program comparison)

Teaching Staff about ABC



Spring 2017 PBIS Coaches Training Materials

Links to data collection forms:
Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

Student Behavior Outcome Data Spring 2017



MTSS Introductory Materials



Priority 1: Teaming and Effective Meetings

TIPS process video series

Priority 2: Evaluating Your System:

a. Evaluating the team

b. Evaluating your implementation:

Climate Surveys:
National School Climate Center

PBIS Program Evaluation Tools:
PBIS School Wide Evaluation Tool (SET) Info

PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) Info

Priority 3: Action planning

Use your summer training binder...and add to it as you go...

Action Planning Materials/Activities (The "Binder")

Behavior Documentation Examples

Behavior Definitions:

Miscellaneous Resources

3 Tools for Schools

Breaks Are Better Implementation Manual
- Brandi Simonsen